Warranty Information

We take great pride in our work and we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. We expect our rebuilds to last a long time, not a few days, and not a few weeks. Our official warranty period is six months from the day we ship it back to you. It is your responsibility to contact us immediately with any problems/concerns you have about your battery/product even if you are unsure if the battery is the problem. If you fail to notify us of any problems within six months of your battery being shipped we will not service your battery for free. The warranty starts the day we ship whether you use your batteries or not. All batteries should be charged upon receipt to insure there are no compatability issues. In the event you have a problem with your battery(s), please e-mail customerservice@wcbatteryrebuilders.com immediately. In all cases the buyer pays shipping to West Coast Battery Builders and we will pay to ship the item(s) back to you. S&H is done this way to keep the cost of our services to a minimum. If we find a problem with our work (broken weld, weak cell from the factory), we will fix it and reimburse you for the shipping you paid to get it to us. You are welcome to call our phone number to speak with us about any troubles/concerns you may have.

What is NOT covered are things like if the battery gets wet, thrown off the roof, shorted, over discharged, etc.

We want your future business, so we are not going to turn our backs on you!

If at all possible check the actual voltage of your battery with a multimeter and include this data with your email.

Be sure to include your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Battery Type Detailed information on your problem (Example: Doesn't charge in my charger but my other batteries do.) How long has it been since you purchased the rebuild from us?

Thank you again for your business and we promise to make this experience and all future experiences pleasant.