Segway Rebuilds

These Segway Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery packs are rebuilt with all new cells and will have approximately 30% longer range than the original new factory batteries. All of the rebuilds are thoroughly inspected and charged on Segway off-board chargers and test driven on an i180. This service installs all new cells inside your old 36Vx2 NiMH Segway battery packs. Use only in pairs. Pricing is for two battery packs. The new cells meet/exceed OEM specifications. One-year warranty (same as Segway's new, original batteries).


Segway 36Vx2 NiMH 3300mAh Rebuild Service (Pair) $800.00

Segway 36Vx2 NiMH 3300mAh EXTENDED RANGE - up to 13 miles Rebuild Service $800.00 per pair, exchange* (*core charge may apply).

Segway Reconditioning

This service is intended for reconditioning lithium segway batteries that have not been properly maintained or used frequently. If your batteries are 2-3 years old this service will likely not be for you. If you don't glide often or store your unit for extended periods of time and have dead batteries when you get it out then this service can save you a bunch of money. If we can't recondition the batteries we don't charge you for anything except return shipping if you want the battery back. A Hazmat charge will be applied to the shipping cost during checkout which drives the cost up a little but is necessary to be legal. S&H costs being paid are for us to ship back to you. Return shipping must be done through UPS due to Hazmat requirements, USPS services are not available. If the recondition is unsuccessful we refund your purchase price less a $25 fee per battery unless you do not want the batteries returned.

Segway 73.8V Lithium Reconditioning Service
(Single Battery) $150.00

Segway 73.8V Lithium Reconditioning Service
(Pair) $225.00